I waste too much time.

I waste too much time.

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What I love about social justice white people



is every time my friend gets stop to be told off by some white person, very rudely, how his tattoo of a dreamcatcher is racist and insensitive to the Native American people and should removed/apologize/be ashamed.

He is Native American and they confuse him for Mexican every time, and he just states “But I got this at the reservation I lived in for 15 YEARS.” and proceeds to falsely place a curse of his ancestors on them.


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The hurricane thing will hit Tucson later afternoon or early evening. So, if I were you, I’d be ditching class and getting your shit done so you can just stay in tonight.

And since the ground is saturated and were looking at 4-7 inches, I will not be leaving my home and I am hoping the u of a will cancel class tomorrow. This is some horse shit.

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I have to drive myself home in my boyfriend’s jeep today. I still feel sick, I am tired and stressed as hell, and I have another exam to study for and homework to do and I was NOT going to play the game of wait for him to get out at 9 pm and see if the streets are too flooded to get home.

Seriously. Fuck everything right now.